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  • Granular mode

    i am from india, my box is on its way to be delivered from thomann’s. Awaiting eagerly, should be delivered in a week’s time hopefully.

    i wanted to know about working with granular mode. On their tutorial video it looks quite impressive and wanted to really know if in reality it is pretty good. I also read in a couple of places about people that weren’t much happy with it but could not really understand the reason. If anyone could educate me about the same.


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    Granular mode is awesome for me, It's quite a lot like the one from fl studio, minus the lfo and polyphony, but I really love it


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      Sweet. Thanks.

      any particupar issues in handling the sample for granular processing ?


      • manonthelivingroad
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        sorry for the late answer, granular mode is cpu intensive, I would recommend using just one instance in a live environment, but I'm not sure, I work mainly as a sound designer, switching the grain size and the grain count interrupts the audio for a brief moment that's the only thing

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      For me works great, it's one of the most used sampling modes in my workflow (I do a lot of ambient stuff). I think the main issue is that can be CPU and polyphony intensive as you increase the number of grains, so the BB can struggle when having multiple samples and grains running simultaneously. One thing that I often do is to resample the output from the granular and then use that when I have a project with a lot of samples to avoid using too much CPU and polyphony


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        No problem. Yes makes sense. Thank you.


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          Granular mode is the killer feature. I'm loving it!