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Brand new BB not saving anything please help!

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  • Brand new BB not saving anything please help!

    I updated to firmware 1.6.5 and I can’t save anything. Save is grayed out in the preset menu. I’m very frustrated. I’m starting to really get the workflow, but for what if I can’t save my work. Please help.

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    It was a corrupted file on the micro SD. Deleted it. Now it saves.


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      I'm having a similar problem.
      The BB sometimes saves just snippets of the file. Sometimes there's just silence (no waveform). And rarely it saves the actual file.

      I'm using the microSD it was shipped with.


      • Steve
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        Sorry to hear. Try formatting the card. FYI, I have found that SD Card Formatter is a reliable tool for this - and it is free. You might also consider buying extra cards. Cards with an 'A' rating seem to provide the best experience, overall.

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      I've asked a guy from Tomeso (your German distribution partner I guess). He said the update may have caused it b/c it has a different file management. So I deleted the entire corrupt Preset folder. It didn't happen again yet. Fingers crossed.

      Yeah! SD Card Formatter is gread. I'm using it for my Smartphones for years.