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MPD218 pad set up

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  • MPD218 pad set up

    How would one map the black box pads 1:1 with a 16 pad controller like the mpd218? So how do we get to the place where pad 1 of the MPD218 triggers/plays whatever sample is loaded on the black box’s pad 1, and so on through 16 pads?

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    Nevermind, i figured it out. There’s an mpd218 Software where you can set preset midi configurations to programs, then send it to the pad controller hardware. Once plugged into the Black box one has to select the program preset mapped to mirror the Blackbox midi configs and make sure CTRL and Pad banks are set right and then it’s good to go. Still doesn’t pitch the pads 1:1 but that’s an easy fix.
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      You can also use the PadNote parameter to make the blackbox match other hardware.


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        Double checked and this worked. Just had to change the notes on the Blackbox to match the default notes built into the mpd218 pads. Thanks for the tip!

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      I think I tried that but it didn’t work. But to be honest I had the mpd for a while and somehow forgot how I set it up last time. Once I remembered it was mainly a software thing for the mpd I didn’t need much more; just wanted the sounds on designated pads, so was satisfied even When that happened, even if the sounds didn’t match the pitch of the loaded sound. But I’ll try that again and see if I missed something (I’m sure I did). I enjoyed the pitch correction method, gave the samples a cool sound.


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        Hi robertdryer, I have some questions for you:
        What did you think about the MPD218 with the blackbox ?
        Are you able to have 2 configurations, and to switch between them ? Like one for pad, and another for triggering note ?
        Can the MPD carry 2/3 configs (let's say for blackbox pads, blackbox notes, blackbox seq maybe?) and can you switch between configs with CTRL BANK or PAD BANK or PAD SELECT or NR CONFIG ? Can you change octave on the MPD if you are triggering a sample note ?
        How do you like the feeling of jamming with the MPD and the Blackbox ? Do you think it adds a great value ?
        I'm hesitating to buy one

        Thank you in advance,


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          I cant get this to work correctly as in set Akai in preset manager to program set the midi channel then 36 upwards as per the 1010 midi explanaition, plug into blackbox then pad 1 works but pad 2 does box 3 etc ... Not sure what I am doing wrong ... Help would be appreciated.



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            Post a short video of what you are doing. It should be an easy fix