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    Hi, I have finally make up my mind and decided the BB 1010 is the bit of gear I want to buy next. I hope, amongst other things, I would be able to take it around with me and with a mic preamp attached, recording vocals as inspiration strikes, hopefully! Next step will be going home and use as a sequencer for my other stuff. I would also like to buy a keyboard midi controller that would go very well with BB 1010. As seen a Novatiion mostly used, but I really would like a few more octaves. What do you use? Any suggestion? Thanks.

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    Korg Microkey 37 has some great keybed, very playable, though no extra controllers except pitch wheel and mod wheel. If you can afford more money, Yamaha Reface (eg CP or DX) keyboards are also a nice option: nice keybed + decent sounds.

    If other features are more important than keybed:
    * arturia keystep (32 mini keys)
    * irig keys 2 (pro) (37 mini or regular keys)


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      Originally posted by Georges View Post
      * arturia keystep (32 mini keys)
      Arturia just upgraded their Keystep lineup with the Keystep 37.
      It has a built in sequencer an a rich set of interfaces, so it could be a really nice companion for the Blackbox.
      As always the Loopop review is outstanding.