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Midi cables - noob query

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  • Midi cables - noob query

    Hi all. Finally getting round to syncing my BB with other items I own (monologue & volca kick, PO33, fx pedals).
    Bit confused with connecting to volca kick and monologue. BB 1010 came supplied with 2 no. midi to 3.5mm cables but both the midi cables are females. I need male ends to plug into the kick & monologue.
    I imagine there are adaptors to change my supplied female ends to male ones but wondering if this is bad practice and should I just buy male midi cables. Should the BB have come with 2 no. female ended midi cables.
    Thanks for advice / help peeps.

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    Buy a regular midi cable. Plugs into the adaptor on the BB and the other end connects to the synth of your choice.


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      Jack Pimiento is correct.

      ​​​​​​​The adapter is important and there are at least 2 types. We (1010Music) use Type-B. Other manufacturers use Type-A. Check out this article for more info.


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        Cheers Jack, Steve . I was getting confused.