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Single cycle waveforms as multiple oscillators at once

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  • Single cycle waveforms as multiple oscillators at once

    Hi, I recently watched this video by oscillator sink and I thought, "hey the blackbox could do that." Basically, if you have a midi controller, you can load single cycle waveforms into different pads and play them all at once like a multi osc mono synth.

    So I loaded up 4 pads with different single cycle waveforms, detuned them and set them to the same midi channel. Now I have a sick 4 osc mono synth. You can set the volume and filter of each to the same knobs on whatever midi controller so you can filter them all at once. If you want poly I would probably stick to 2 oscillators or 3 if you are strict about how many notes you use at once. This is a huge revelation for me because I already use something else to sequence the blackbox. I highly recommend you try this out. I hope this wasn't super obvious to everyone, but to me, it made the BlackBox even better.

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    Here you can find shiloads of single cycle waveforms : that's the first thing I imported in my blackbox !


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      Those single cycles are great.

      A cool thing to try if you're using eurorack, load one of those single cycles, set it to poly in sample mode, pitch it down 24 steps and patch it out to the system. Playing a note down low give you cool LFO shapes, but also in poly mode you can play or sequence 2 or more notes at a time for varying shapes.