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    I'm on firmware 1.6.5. I'm noticing a couple things and I'm wondering if it's the same for everybody.
    1. After I sequence a Slicer section and I go back the slicer screen, the slices don't visually trigger when they are being played in the sequence.
    (I've seen in other firmware version YT videos where the playhead would go to the slices as they were being triggered in the sequence)
    2. If you manually slice a sample, is there no way to drag or move the slice points after they have been placed?
    (I tried the touch screen to grab and drag and I tried the knobs.) Seems I have to rejoin the slice every time and then reslice it??

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    Nobody can confirm if this behavior is normal on their unit with 1.6.5??


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      Here is an example (skip to 00:55 sec) of what I "expected' the Slicer screen to look like after I sequenced a Slicer section....


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        For #1, check out the link I shared - It's working for me on 1.6.5 the same as shown in the video you shared.
        Are the samples you're slicing long enough that they naturally overflow beyond the width of the screen? Not sure if this is a factor, but I feel like I've seen slightly different display behavior depending on the visual width of the waveform.

        For #2, it's my understanding that split and join is "the way it is". I'm ok with this, but you've got me thinking...

        ya know what would be dope?
        • In SEQS, when inspecting the piano roll, one knob highlights a trigger, and other knobs resize that trigger or move it around...
        • In slicer, one knob selects a slice (between two splits). I'd have to check if the other knobs have a function on the slicer edit screen, I don't think so, but I don't recall.
          • What of we could use two of the other knobs for fine adjust of a split?
            i.e. One knob would select a split (probably change it's color when selected), and the other knob to moves the selected split back and forth on the timeline....
        nuemerik Would you dig that kind of implementation? maybe we should add to wishlist...


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          Thanks for the reply Shanki. After going back to my Test file, I noticed it is visually triggering except when you zoom or zoom out it takes a little bit for it to re-render. The sample I'm slicing is around 10 seconds with 8 slices. So I guess it is working as it should, I just didn't give it enough time. *shrugs

          Your idea about the knobs and slicing is spot on to what I thought should happen. Knobs on the left side should move 'start' of the slice and knobs on the right should move the 'end' of the slice (which would also shift around the start of the next slice). My problem with joining/rejoining is that if you want to move a slice after the fact and you delete it, the next slice you make will be higher up in the slice order. For example, if I delete slice #2 because I want to move it, and I make another slice, it might be slice #12 instead. This causes issues with the slice playback mode if you want it to play in any sort of order or when you're scrolling through the slices later.


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            There are some good ideas here regarding moving slices. Are they in the wishlist forum yet? If so, add your plus one. If not, I suggest you add it.


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              This came to mind in another thread There's an opportunity to add some functionality in Slicer - Right now the only way to manage the position of splits is to position the waveform on the screen and then add a


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                I posted this in the 1010 BB FB group because somebody had the same exact question. I'll quote what I wrote there.
                "I don't think the sample rate has anything to do with this issue. Happens to me with stuff sampled directly into the BB and stuff imported from the memory card. Length of sample doesn't matter either."

                "i'm fairly certain we are all just trying to get the slicer to behave like it does in other programs/apps. Beatmaker 2 is a great example of how slicing on a touch screen based interface should work."