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Model:cycles and BB

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  • hopkirQue
    I tried to sample one of my patterns with Blackbox track by track and then recreate it on BB itself and voilà - it worked! I'm really afraid of losing the soul of my tune when sampling. Then I added more sounds and resampled the final pattern loop to one of the pads. Now I can use this resampled loop as a CLIP and change its pitch, put some FX on it etc. I guess the resampling is the key to get the most of my BB.

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  • LukeDix
    started a topic Model:cycles and BB

    Model:cycles and BB

    Hi, I’m moving house and have packed up all my studio gear except the BB and Model:cycles (which is a new unexplored toy!). So I’m going to have 3-4 months with just these two. Just wondering how people are using these two in creative ways...?