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Blackbox unable to save or load presets

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  • Blackbox unable to save or load presets

    Hey everyone.

    I've been having some pretty nightmarish problems saving my work/presets on the Blackbox. I lost a preset that I spent about 7 hours on yesterday because of this issue, and it keeps happening, so as of now the device is basically rendered unusable. Before recording this video on my phone, I reformatted the SD Card using the "SD Card Formatter" app from the SD Card Association (I'm using the stock card that came w/ the BB), and re-downloaded/reinstalled the latest firmware update (1.6.5) to the machine.

    As you'll see in the video, it's like the BB gets "stuck" on a preset, you're unable to change or load or save anything that you've done. Really hoping someone has an answer here, as I was just getting into the flow of this device.

    Here's a link to my video Youtube showing the problem (video file size was too big to attach on the forum post itself)