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Blackbox + 0 coast recorded parameters make noise

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  • Blackbox + 0 coast recorded parameters make noise

    i'm trying to record 0 coast (semi modular synthesis) changes with audio in jack and then assign to audio out1 for exemple.

    The problem is that the sound on OUT1 is also automatically routed to main stereo output (phones). So i hear audio noize from OUT1 which should be reserved only for control the 0 coast.

    I have other sounds on blackbox which I want to hear so just unpluging the blackbox main output is not a solution


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    Looking at the manual "The PHONES output will always contain a mix of all of the outputs."

    Removing a pad from the headphones mix would be a welcome addition to the firmware, eventually.

    In mean time you could send a mix of your other pads out of the second or third individual output if you're not using them, but depending on your setup you may need to attenuate the signal since it's coming out at Eurorack levels


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      Oh ok I thought there was a way to do that... That mean's that if you use the modular possibilities of the blackbox, then you can't use the headphone output... Yea this addition to the firmware should be great, deassign choosen pads to master/main mix.

      I realised that it seems to be able to use OUT1, 2 and 3 with mono right/left separatly. So with Y cable I should have 4 channels on OUT1 and OUT2 for control the 0-coast and 1 channel (OUT3) for replace the headphone mix. But it's a little weird that it mean one of the output (mix headphones) can't be used in that case.


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