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ADSR Parameters in Slicer Mode

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  • ADSR Parameters in Slicer Mode

    Hi folks,

    I searched the forum up and down for an answer to my question but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Any help on this would be well appreciated.

    What I’m looking to do is to use adsr parameters on a sliced drum loop without first having to key each note into the sequencer. Currently if I load a loop, slice it and then turn Playthru on it runs through the slices fine. But when I use any of the adsr parameters only the first slice is affected. Take the amen break for example, I would like to be able to make each slice sound tighter and choppy by killing the sustain and bringing the decay up to 20%. On the Octorex it was possible to do this immediately after the loop was sliced. I presumed the BB would have this feature, or some kind of quick work around but at present the only way I can achieve this effect is to key in each sample of the break in the sequencer - only then I can toggle adsr.

    I’m kinda hoping there’s some stupidly simple solution to this - I’d happily take it at this stage x)
    (I’ve tried everything)

    There’s a handy feature on Dr. OctoRex called Copy Loop to Track. I think something like this might be required to get the effect I’m looking for - but I could be wrong. Basically it copies all of the notes of your sliced break into the sequencer - from there you can tweak adsr easily. Although I think it’s possible (in Dr. Rex) to achieve adsr control immediately after slicing the break. Either way Copy Loop to Track would also be an amazing feature to have on BB.

    Here is a brief description of what it does, - note there’s a typo in the second paragraph - it should say slices instead of slides.

    And another (brief) one: "Playing the sequence region now should sound as if the loop was playing as normal. But because the slices are triggered by separate events, you've got a lot more flexibility. In the sequence track, try selecting a clip and quantising it, to remove or apply a groove. In Edit Mode, double‑click a slice clip and then you can move, write and delete events at will, creating drops, alternatives and fills."

    So does anyone know if there is currently a way to achieve something like this on BB. It would improve my workflow dramatically in Slicer mode.

    Any suggestions would be very much welcomed.

    Thanks in advance
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    Even adding the ability to set the volume levels of individual slices would be a much welcomed feature. ADSR for slices would be the icing on the cake Was actually just thinking about this yesterday. Had some chops where I wanted the first 3 to cut eachother off, but the last slice I wanted the tail to fade out. Changing the ADSR made changes on all the slices.


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      Are you saying you want the ADSR to auto trigger on a successive slice point when there's no sequence trigger to follow?

      Or you just want the ADSR to trigger on every pad hit when sequencing through slices automatically? That much works for me. What launch mode are you in?