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    I have now been doing this type of work for many years. Here are some things I can say with conviction:

    Software is never done. This is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, I envy the makers of analog gear.

    The wish list always gets longer. Take a look at any of our new update feedback threads. Delivering more features generates another round of requests.

    When a company spends too much of their time fulfilling customer requests, they end up having only one product. I made this rookie mistake in my first business.

    I know we set an incredibly high expectation going forward with the amount of features we delivered on blackbox in its first year. There will be more to come. Please enjoy what you have. We love you even when we spend time building new hardware because that is what pay the bills.

    Take care.


    • Georges
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      Maybe you should consider open sourcing the firmware, or at least parts of it? That’s what Roger Linn has done with the Linnstrument. Just a thought ... IMO that’s very much in line with the euro rack community’s DIY philosophy.

    • jayneural
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      Or make a OSC & FX engine compatible with the Korg format

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    I would buy a second BlackBox if it had one of the following: automation lanes, motion sequencing or LFOs as control sources.

    I admit I'm currently not yet shopping for the BlueBox, but that might change once playing live shows regularly in settings like this comes back (a soundcheck for an improvisation ensemble in 2016):

    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by Simon_ View Post

      I'd probably cut back on the coffee.
      I'd add the firmware update. What you really care about? Clearly, Me. Not any BlackBox info. Run along.


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        This is all a business tactic, and I love how most of you side step that and say its hardware/software we are talking about, when it is 2020, the year we're talking in.

        Get real. 2 teenagers could probably build the BlackBox and give it regular updates, whatever you consider "regular".

        I'm just laughing at how some of you are coming in with capes on. Ha ha. Wow, 2020.


        • jayneural
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          Man, do you really have time in your life for that kind of posts ? Business tactic ? Seriously ?

          Why don’t you just resell your product and buy an MPC ? That would be great a customer tactic for you !

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        Originally posted by mycoffeeguy View Post
        mineral said

        DO YOU ALL NOT GET THIS???? We will continue to get abandoned, 1010 is becoming into a "move forward, don't look back" MO. Starting to feel shafted.

        Just release the damn source code so we don't have to wait until a pandemic wipes out humanity?

        Relax, dude!


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          Bro, I'm chill. Trust. CAPS or nah, I'm chill. It's just hilarious how many people be sticking up for shit. lol


          • jayneural
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            FYI, there are used MPC Ones for less than $600 now, and they just added a cool drum engine in the firmware. I think it better suits your needs as it virtually has all the features we could ask for a sampler/groovebox.

            Blackbox is a quite different product and it’s been so since it was released. It’s never going to become an MPC.

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          The foolish buy a product for what it might be, the wise for what it is.