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    Updating firmware/OS is the new business strategy of 21. century, it prolongs the life of the hardware in people's minds so the companies have enough time to prepare the new products or new versions of hardware without losing attention to current portfolio. We/customers got used to it naturally. Fulfilment of our expectations is like a dose of a drug, it calms us down. So it would be nice to hear when it will happen or if it happens at all.

    But please let's be patient and do not overthink your wishes. What we need is squashing the bugs and slightly improved user experience (volume control in sequencer, compressor settings, maybe some more Bluebox functions). Though I'm really grateful for any Blackbox update (granular, multisampling and PSET settings were huge!) I love my Blacbox for what it already is - the most portable sampler out there.


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      Patience is a virtue. I'm am glad the devs are listening to input and considering our feature requests. We'll see more firmware updates in the future. This stuff isn't life and death. I'll keep happily using my BB till the next update


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        In the last months, I’ve used the Blackbox like never before. There’s time for updates and geeking on new features and there’s time to make beats

        So just stop complaining and make beats, everyone will feel better, and the update will come when it’s ready.


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          Updated to v1.6.6, looks stable at first glance. I will test extensively for sure in the next days.

          Good to see there is work on optimizing, maybe creating the necessary performance headroom for new features to come


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            1.66 is a boot loop for me unfortunately :/
            edit: sandisk extreme 128gb card
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            • jayneural
              jayneural commented
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              I did get into a weird diagnostic mode after the upgrade but went back on the normal boot after disconnecting reconnecting.

              Tested on SanDisk Ultra 400GB & Sandisk Extreme Pro 1TB here.

            • Aaron
              Aaron commented
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              The dreaded boot loop. Thanks for letting us know.

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            No problems here installing and running 1.6.6. Seems to load presets faster.


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              No issues with 1.6.6. so far.

              A preset that played inconsistently (sounded like voice stealing) on 1.6.5. became stable on 1.6.6. A good sign.

              And I no longer notice the drop outs when saving.


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                That's what I'm fooklin talking about. Update, and more conversation. I work for a Fortune 500 company, and have designed software and business models for the company. Whatever that's fooklin worth.

                Staffing is often a reason that is veiled, that responds to slow business progressions. All love to 1010, just want agendas and communication to be transparent.


                • sydilaxe
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                  Sure. This apparently makes you an expert on other businesses. Thanks for clarifying.

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                Originally posted by mycoffeeguy View Post
                I work for a Fortune 500 company,
                Maybe you should simply buy 1010music and tell them to work even harder. Everybody wins!


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                  Aaron I reformatted my sd card and it worked BUT as soon as I turned on my mc707 connected via usb, it started boot looping again. unplugged it and it stopped... so I don't think its the memory card, something to do with usb?


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                    I have the same problem of starting loop with 1.6.6 and USB connect in MIDI.
                    Without the USB in MIDI connection, there is no boot problem.
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                      Hello with 1.6.6 in sample mode without audio connection and the gain at 0 dB the display remains at -30.6 and -30.8 dB view the photo.

                      is it the same with you?


                      • Steve
                        Steve commented
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                        Thanks for reporting. This should not happen.

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                      I also had the reboot looping issue when connecting my Novation SL MK3 as master keyboard through the USB host port back in v1.6.4.

                      Can't be a power issue as this unit is powered separately.

                      Disconnecting it would immediately solve the problem.

                      Maybe this one needs a look as well.


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                        Same here with my Launchkey mini. The BB is permanently reebooting when I connect it through the USB host port. (1.6.6).


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                          jayneural Morientes
                          we have a fix coming.


                          • softroom
                            softroom commented
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                            Used 1.6.6 all day yesterday, my usual lots of long files, all working nicely. Will continue today and test how well it copes under smoky conditions.