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  • Sample Management Software Comparison

    Hello Friends:

    Do you use a software sample manager on your pc?

    I am reminded that I started (as opposed to completed) a comparison list of software sample managers to help me keep track of what options are available.
    It's in drive, HERE -
    What's free, what's paid, features, etc.
    Feel free to add, edit, comment or just reference.
    I haven't touched it in a while because I stopped evaluating after I found the second [free] tool I tried to be good enough.

    I will crosspost a reference to this in the Online Sample Library thread.

    I suspect most of our blackboxes have some kind of relationship with a sample library on disk somewhere, mine does.
    Instead of browsing in finder or windows explorer, I'veI found that Samplism Lite*, for example, makes it much easier for me to browse my samples, quickly normalize, and build little kits or whatever.

    *note, I'm not shilling for any product - use what you like - If there's something free, that's objectively better than Samplism (for Mac) I'm all about it. Let me know! If I get to a point where I need paid features, I'll go that way. Today is not that day.

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    Thanks for this post! I just checked out your spreadsheet and I found it very helpful to briefly compare some alternatives and get to organizing my sample library.

    I ended up choosing the first option, as its free with no strings attached (I hate monthly subscriptions... ugh!)
    Currently testing it but so far it seems very useful to edit, organize and modify all the sounds I've been collecting for some time now.


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      Many thanks for the post, I discovered ADSR Sample Manager through it ! very cool !!!! I really like this plugin and it's free !