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Where are the one shot sample settings? V 1.6.5

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  • Where are the one shot sample settings? V 1.6.5

    Here's the deal, I have a Midi controller with 8 pads and I'd like a separate sample on each pad from the Blackbox. All the pads are assigned to channel 5 (I can't change this to individual channels per pad).

    What is the function called and how do I map a sample to one note only? It's driving me mad. Thanks.

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    ...just to say the problem is that any Blackbox pads I assign to channel 5 play on all pads of the controller - I can't seem to get a separate sound on each pad.


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      Set the midi in for each pad to none and, under tools, go to midi settings and set the MIDI Pads channel to 5. The pads will default to trigger on midi notes 36 (bottom left pad) to 51 (top right pad). Hope that helps. For reference, check page 55 of the 1.5 manual -


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        Thanks so much. I've spent so long trying to work that out and I had read that page on the manual too! Just couldn't get it set up right.