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Sequence length, and recording parameter changes

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  • Sequence length, and recording parameter changes

    I have had the BB for a week or so and still struggling. How do i make long sequences eg for ambient. At the moment i cant make any sequence longer than 8 bars?
    Also i tried resampling feature to record in eg filter cutoff changes, but it isnt recording it?

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    Can’t help with the resampling, but for the other question I don’t think so. (although the lower step count per bar might buy you more time but don’t quote me on that as I’ve never made a loop longer that 8 bars.) I mixed a full 3 minute song’s stems last night just to use the compressor for fun. I used the song mode to let them all play full length. Don’t know if that helps you there. Maybe arranging 8 bar sequences and recording them into sections on song mode will help with that a bit?