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Is anyone using the Akai MPK Mini MIDI controller with his/her Blackbox?

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  • Is anyone using the Akai MPK Mini MIDI controller with his/her Blackbox?


    I am looking for a small midi controller to use with the Blackbox. the most obvious choice I guess is the Novation Launchkey MK3. But physically I like the black Akai MPK Mini Mk3 more.

    the Problem is that the mpk has 8 drum pads instead of 16 on the Launchkey. I was wondering if anyone here is using the mpk in combination with the Blackbox and what the experience is like.

    Thanks in advance for any replies,

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    I’m using it, there is a bit of mapping but overall works fine.

    transitioning to the SQ1 fron presonus though.


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      I have it and the MPD. But honestly I use the mpd 99% of the time. I like the MPK it’s just easier for me to write in keys in the step sequencer since I can’t play piano well. Rhythms are much more accessible for me to play. With that I never really need more than 4 pads at a time to piece together rythm sections, so 8 is enough too.
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        Thank you very much for your replies! I wqas wodnering if it's possible to use the 8 drumpads with Bank A/B to select all the 16 cells on the Sequencer page?


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          Yes, but set it up on the computer first to match the settings you want and the settings to the equivalent places on the Blackbox. (So notes, midi channel etc.).