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Thank you 1010 Music

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  • Thank you 1010 Music

    I'm testing the midi import in the 1.7.3 beta version. This is enormous. What a gift for Christmas.

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    Yes yes yes. 1010 is showing what I knew they've been all along. The Blackbox is now a central part. This and no Quantization options are best so far.


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      Yep, a whole new playground to have fun with for xmas holidays !

      Now the gift for the new year begin : SEQ individual MIDI export for sharing with other projects and SONG MIDI export for working on the DAW

      Yes we always want more


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        "I got it from here, Jay, damn" - *in my Jay Z voice*

        Let's not also forget:

        Tempo Mod:
        Adjust tempo down to the decimals (think timestamps eg. 90.2, 120.6)

        Export Wavs:
        Export tracks to .WAV


        • NoParades
          NoParades commented
          Editing a comment
          I can't imagine a time when I'd ever need an incremental tempo... are you trying to nudge BB to align with some external, non-syncable device or something? I always wrinkle my eyebrows when I see it as an option on other gear. I'm not trying to be flippant, I just don't see a use case for it.

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        Originally posted by jayneural View Post
        Yes we always want more
        you really don't let the ink dry.

        Thanks @Aaron and the 1010music team for all your hard work on continuously updating the BlackBox and making it more robust. Despite the never-ending feature creep that everyone feels entitled to, this thing already has grown way past the initial potential and you should all be commended for the effort it takes to stretch this machine further and further.


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          Thank you all. We appreciate it. Thank you for making it possible by supporting us.