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  • Help me organise a mess

    Hi all

    I'm starting the new year by getting organised with my BB. I'm a beginner, and last year I dabbled with creating presets and recording samples.

    But it's a mess of stuff.

    I'm going to update to the latest firmware so think I'll start afresh.

    HOWEVER, is there a way of keeping everything I've created on my SD card so it's accessible on the BB if I need it, but out of the way in one folder so it doesn't get in the way of everything I store from now on?

    I know I can just back it up and put it on a hard drive as an archive.

    But what I really want is to feel like I've got a clean BB to start from scratch, but if I suddenly remember there was a melody I wrote early last year, I can get to it without going back to the old files stored on my mac.

    Is this possible?


    I imagine there are people who have posted about how they organise their SD but I can't find them. Can anyone direct me to those posts, or suggest the way to keep things nicely organised? Unless the latest firmware does this for you? I don't think I've updated since 1.5!

    I guess in simplest terms, I'd like to have one folder where all my creations are, which is separate to the kits the BB comes with.

    [Please bear in mind I'm a beginner and have never used kit like this before, so what seems basic to you guys might be a revelation to me!]

    Thanks and happy new year!

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    yes, there needs to be a sticky post, I think, about the best... optimal in terms of the hardware... way to organise samples & projects on the card.


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      Good idea duncandisorderly - anyone got any tips for this?


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        I feel the same what usually helps me understand is a picture that shows the structure, would be much appreciated


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          I think theres a Linux function that draws out a map of your directories. Might be a python thing.

          If you could make a map like that it would probably help.


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            As far as I can tell, as long as the BLACKBOX.BIN file is at the top level of the sd card, you can organize the blackbox folders any way you like.
            I was dealing with a mess as well, and decided to tidy up as a New Years exercise.
            The blackbox file system is one of the thinks I like the most about it.
            It's really straightforward.

            Anyway. if you want to reorganize your files and folders using a PC, AND you don't want to jack up your presets, then I'd suggest Packing your presets on the blackbox first.
            When you pack a preset, bb copies all the sounds used by that preset into the preset folder. That way you don't break any references to sounds stored in other folders.
            This can take a while as there is no bulk pack feature (which I will now open a wishlist item for).
            Once you've packed your stuff, you can move the SD card to a PC and organize your folders however you like.

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