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midi cables for those of us who don't like using dongles

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  • midi cables for those of us who don't like using dongles

    if you are any good at soldering, but can't be arsed to go the whole hog & make up your own 3.5mm to midi cables, these are worth investigating. you will need to open up the DIN plug end of them & move one wire, so that both of the 'inners' are connected to the pins either side of the centre pin. if you've ever looked insode a midi DIN plug you'll know what I mean.
    these are a lot smarter & a lot less risky than using the dongle, especially on stage.
    the same outfit do a 3.5mm to 1/4" jack stereo cable, but I deliberately chose a different source for my audio cabling so that they'd look different.

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    We are also selling this option, which is a combination adpater/cable:


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      Do you plan to produce some 3,5mm TRS to 6,3mm TRS and to two 6,3 TS Audio cables to? Would be nice for the blue- and blackbox.


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        Anyone is making a 90 degree elbowed MIDI TRS-A/B converter ?

        Any centimeter is important into my mallette studio