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What does the 'V' mean underneath a sample and any way to get rid of it?

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  • What does the 'V' mean underneath a sample and any way to get rid of it?

    Thought i'd spell something out on the blackbox to use somewhere, but the V underneath each letter is thwarting this plan. Is there any way to remove it?

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    not sure what you’re talking about.


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      Sorry, bit late returning but this is what I meant. Single digit file names get a V digit added to the second line of each file.


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        Just a speculation from my side.

        They use some sort of procedure to generate shorter names from the original Name of the file.
        For example: a file called "blablabla0003.wav willl be displayed in two rows:
        So the first Row will start at the beginning from the name, the second row will start from the end of the name.

        Normally the ".wav" extension is ignored.

        But maybe for some sort of reason if you have a name that is very short like "a.wav" the procedure will end up showing only characters from the beginning to the "." (so in this case just "a") and the second row is not calculated (since the name before .wav already ended after "a"). Maybe they did not expect and therefore not test short names. So they show you the last character of the filename buffer (which contains "v", the last character from the string "a.wav").

        Makes sense to me from technical perspective. But who knows? :-)

        Dan Day

        Edit: one thing to try is to use a name with white spaces like "a .wav" to get rid of it.


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          I've logged this as a bug. In the meantime, please try a longer filename,