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Adjust microtiming with encoder on SEQ page

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  • Adjust microtiming with encoder on SEQ page

    Hi all. I saw in the firmware notes that BB owners can now record and edit sequences off the grid, which is a feature I much appreciate on other sequencers (currently a Tracker and Digitone are where I do most of my sequences).

    I’m really intrigued by the Blackbox, and as a Bluebox owner I’m a big fan of the quality and form factor now.

    My main question is with the new unquantized recording and editing, is it also possible to shift a quantized step off the grid with an encoder? Or does an off grid step need to be recorded in? I see in the manual that you can move steps with the encoder, it’d be really awesome if the resolution of that encoder could manage micromoves.

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    You can shift events off the grid by turning an encoder.