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The Black & Blue Box XL

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  • The Black & Blue Box XL

    Hear me out. BlueBox and BlackBox come together in an XL version. The Black & Blue Box XL, 3x the size as the two together to allow for lots of screen real estate but same great form, and plenty of computer board space for whatever computer is needed to run them together (perhaps even traditional quarter inch inputs). That would be epic.

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    They don’t even have to create a new box but just a base taking both with independent battery packs (to avoid ground loops) and small speaker built in, shipped with custom MIDI/audio jacks to connect them together.

    And you get the first ever modular groove box !


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      Or as said in the Facebook page, individual battery powered bases that attach them selves magnetically to combine dual Blackbox, dual Bluebox or Blackbox/Bluebox combo.

      that would be the 1st modular groovebox system. And I guess would sell pretty well.


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        Originally posted by jayneural View Post
        small speaker built in

        please no. ever. in anything.




        • jayneural
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          Haha !! please little speakers everywhere !!!

          Ok would be fine with just the battery pack base with magnet system to join the two.

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        I don't really see the advantage of a custom battery pack. It's going to be expensive and they won't keep selling them forever. I'd rather just use widely available powerbanks. Internal speakers are almost always useless, especially in a time when there portable, battery powered, speakers are widely available.

        A larger screen could be nice for some, but for many the small form factor is a large part of what sets it apart from the competition.