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Weird issue with input gain

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  • Weird issue with input gain

    I have a problem with my black box that I just bought used.
    Namely, the input - without me having connected a device - is totally overdriven.
    The gain setting is set to 0.0dB and the meters are in the red area and show 2147483.7dB, which should be the maximum of the meter. Acoustically this results in a hum.
    To bring the meter to 0.0dB, I have to set the gain to -37dB. This sets the left channel to 0.0dB, but the right channel to -5dB.
    With a gain setting of -80dB, the left is at about -45dB and the right is at about -50dB.
    All without a signal going into the device.

    The general input gain of both channels seems to be a difference of about 5dB, which is already problematic when sampling a stereo source.
    Pluging in a input source doesnt change this.

    I have already done a factory reset and reloaded the firmware. So is this a defect?
    Is there any way to fix this?

    Another thing is - which I'm not sure if it's a user error - is that when I record in sample mode and the input of the device is used, I can hear the metronome softly on the recording. You can also see the beat of the metronome in the metering when the recording is counted in. The metronome is on output 1 which goes into my mixer.

    Does anybody have similar problems?

    Thx in advance!

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    Please check your email.


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      thx, i wrote back