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My first Eurorack + Blackbox combo test

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  • My first Eurorack + Blackbox combo test

    I finally made the jump and got my first piece of kit on my eurorack journey! very exciting times, and also equally as exciting when I notice
    how prepared the blackbox is to work within the eurorack space(*obviously) but as someone who completely new to this whole ecosystem,
    having the blackbox on this journey is hugely welcome!

    If anybody has any insight and can school me on a way to send a gate single via playing from one of the blackbox sample pads,
    I would be incredibly grateful, is there a specific sort of sample I need to use? Inform me as if you were talking to a baby.... I know nothing lol

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    Sounds lovely. You should check the per4mer from modbap modular, for me it replaced the sp-404 (I used it only for the vinyl sim and the beat repeater).
    For me blackbox was my introduction to modular I used it for modulation a lot. I ended up changing th blackbox for the bitbox micro and replacing some of my gear for modular stuff.
    To create your own CV samples you need to have gear that has DC coupled outs. All eurorack modules has those, and there are some interfaces that has it and can be used to communicate apps such as Ableton, Bitwig or VCV rack to eurorack.
    I created this folder with some CV samples (, just make sure you put the samples trough a non audible output, otherwise it can be very loud. One of the problems with the blackbox is that the headphones out is a sum, so when you use CV samples, the headphones out becomes useless (because no one wants to hear CV signals).

    Some suggestions on using the CV samples in the dropbox folder:
    - There are some LFOs at different rates, which works great as clips.
    - There is a non quantized S&H and other quantized to Cm scale, you can use this as slices on gate mode, turn on loop and slice sequence:random, then you can put a note on the sequencer and every time its triggered you will have a random CV value that will be sustained as long as the note in the sequencer is on, for this turn down the release all the way down to avoid slew effect.
    - And finally there is a gate, which you can just use it as a sample on gate mode and use an use the envelope to shape the trigger.
    The best part is that you can just adjust the volume to attenuate the signal. Have fun!


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      WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! jpablo91, Thank you so much friend! The explanation + the cv samples went directly to my brain, no problems at all!
      You've unlock a new gate of possibilities for me! Again, thank you so much!

      *also... that Per4mer has been on my radar, it might deserve it own special mini eurorack case O_O