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    Another thing I thought of, it would be nice if samples were arranged numerically when using numbers in titles, for example, I have a bunch of samples MC1, MC2, MC3 etc, but the blackbox lists them in the following order



    • Chris Moon
      Chris Moon commented
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      Hello, this is a normal behaviour when sorting out lists. to avoid this you have to name your files MC01, MC02, MC03, ....MC10. If you are on a Mac, you can easily batch rename your files by selecting multiple files and choose the appropriate settings. Cheers

    • lerugray
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      Ah! Okay, thank you for the heads up

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    Duty cycle doesn’t do anything. It used to work previously.


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      Originally posted by mojod20 View Post
      Holy shit... this looks like it has cleared up ALL my issues on the sample / sequence side.

      So far, I have:

      - Created a new preset to test all the problems ive been having with samples dropping out and when live recording. Ive tested both recorded samples as well as my library samples, but this time gone on to fill up all 16 pads, adding ALL of them live to the sequence AND trying to push it adding effectsand having no issues at all!

      - Tracks previously created that I couldn't go further on because they started dropping out/distoring/slowing and flashing, I have opened ALL of them, played all the sequences together and they seem problem free on a run.

      This is only a quick test, so cant comment any further on anything else so far, but fair play, seems a great firmware update for some of the issues myself and others have been having!! When I'm allowed out of lockdown here in the UK and allowed to touch people again, I am flying over to touch you all.
      I AGREE ! totally
      This is going toi be huge. No crackle problems with several granular Pads ... wow and huge improvement in long samples readings problems

      THANK YOU SO MUCH 1010music. Keep up the good work
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        Hi all,

        I read someone else has a similar issue.
        Installed 1.7.F and I can't preview or play 32 bit samples. When scrolling past a 32 bit sample in the load sample list, BB restarts. It then (re)starts successfully but trying to load a 32 bit sample (any) it restarts. This happens when you have preview (or " play") turned on or off. Both will cause it to restart.

        Hope you can fix this.


        Best regards,



        • Aaron
          Aaron commented
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          Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have it in our bug list.

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        I'm now for the first time using an external sequencer with program changes. For that I need to address all the pads with an individual midi channel and it's important to have no channel going to KEYS or PADS. Therefore I'd be happy if the issue of having to send your program changes that way would be solved .