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    Hi all,

    Got my BB a couple of weeks back and have been lurking here for a bit, but one thing I've not been able to find is a concise/concrete list of items that are currently being worked on or will be worked on, or the progress of such work.

    I understand that the 1010music team are a small team, but do any of you not think it might be a nice thing if there was:

    1. A list of items currently being worked on and the % progress on it,
    2. A list of future items that will be worked on.
    3. Perhaps a list of all the requests people want, and the ability to vote on it in this forum or something similar, perhaps using a Poll system.

    IMO, if this were the case, we would all know what is currently happening and what is coming AND as a democratic way of getting the items into the BB that people want, voting would work for that to adjust priorities. Even if that list is only updated when a new item is added to future to-dos, or once a new feature has been completed, I can't see it being a huge amount of work to maintain..

    What do you all think?

    Thanks for reading,

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    Hi Jaco - Welcome to the forum!

    Like many developers, we do not share our roadmap, publicly. It is for our own internal use. We don't float to-do lists because those come with expectations that we cannot always meet. So for #1 we very intentionally do not publish this. The answer to #2 is the same. However, the answer to #3 will make you happy. Every product has a wish list thread where you can add your suggestions, hope others will upvote, and even lend support for a single or set of features.


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      Hi Steve!

      Thanks for the update. I'm not a business man so don't understand why you would not want to make features public, but I'm guessing competition
      In any case, for #3 I have found it hard to gauge what features are higher requested than others. There's also a lot of similar/duplicates and I just felt if you had a voted list of features on a single thread, people would have a clearer idea of what could be implemented in the future. I do get what you mean about expectations, because at the end of the day, the hardware has limits, so not everyone can be pleased.

      All in all, I think there's still a lot of room for quality of life improvements and look forward to seeing them come along. I hope you keep going with this amazing device because I think it's fantastic!


      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        The wish lists can be messy. I know - I'm the one culling all of the suggestions! But it really is the best method. If we see a thread for a feature, and others have both commented and upvoted, it is easier for us to read through all of that thread, the actual conversation, and what users are asking for to get a bigger picture of that particular request. If you branch off and make your own, new thread we run the risk of it getting lost.

        Keep in mind, we do make every effort to read every single post. That can be difficult at times.

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      Originally posted by jvdw007 View Post
      don't understand why you would not want to make features public
      Generally speaking, it's common practice for software shops to not share roadmaps publicly.

      One reason is that priorities often change overnight.
      Imagine if they promised tap tempo tomorrow (say that five times fast) but then for reason X, they can't do it, even though they really wanted to.
      It's a lot of effort to explain to everybody why the priorities changed. That's effort that could go to dev, or testing, or other innovation.

      Also, even though a lot of people do understand that priorities often change, it's rarely a good look to broadcast those changing priorities - as the community, at large, will be prone to think that developers don't have their act together, because they had to make a change.

      Finally, since there's no pleasing everybody, if the roadmap were shared, there's always going to be somebody who feels like their needs aren't being met. And they complain, and it's noisy, and it's effort to manage all that commotion.

      Today, when you buy software, or hardware products that run on software, you're essentially saying to the vendor - "I believe in your product and your brand, and I trust you to make good decisions in the future, because we're in this together."


      • papertiger
        papertiger commented
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        Or (and?), I am buying the device for what it does NOW, not for what it might (or might not!) do in the future.

      • shankiphonic
        shankiphonic commented
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        And also this.

      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        Thank you. I would 'Like' this multiple times, if possible!

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      Totally get that. Thanks for all the comments. Appreciate the feedback. For what I do (which is a variety of things), I've had no issues yet, so I'm not complaining about anything.

      Regarding the priorities changing overnight, totally get that. But what I meant was just a feature list, no dates or promises of timelines. Just a list of features. I am a software developer. I totally get that you can't promise timelines.

      I just thought it would be something nice to look forward to and might compliment discussions about said features in the threads where those features were requested. Reason I bring this up is because I've looked at feature requests that were asked for in 2019 or perhaps 2020 and I'm not sure whatever happened to that. Was it lost in time? Was it done? I mean with some I can obviously go through my BB and see if the feature exists. If it doesn't, then obviously it hasn't. But there are some threads where it was mentioned "a good idea" and nothing was heard since.

      Feature list example (and I'm making things up here):

      Currently being worked on:
      1. Displaying sequence names on sequence pads
      2. Show steps in pad
      3. Visually move sequences around in Song mode

      Future items that might be worked on:
      1. Showing which pads use external midi input
      2. Add more FX
      3. Adjust frequencies in Mix mode
      4. Showing a visual spectrum analyser while playing


      To me it's something for everyone to discuss and look forward to. I don't expect the things in those lists to be 100% guaranteed, but it would be exciting when/if it's announced, if it does get done.

      Just my 2c. Not trying to ruffle any feathers here, so apologies if that's the idea anyone is getting.

      On a side note, is there a single thread somewhere that shows the latest firmware and what was done?



      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        Basically, we don't share what we are currently working on. I would not expect that to change. In terms of future items that might be worked on, we have a wish list for every product. That is where you'll find 90% of those items. We encourage our community to add to these threads and discuss as that is great for everyone. And while you may have reasonable expectations of our path, not everyone shares that. No feathers ruffled here. You are a new member - you should absolutely ask these questions.

        The thread that allows you to download new firmware always has the changes. We also maintain a master list of changes that you will find in the same thread. Granted, I am a bit behind on that master list but the info is all there - somewhere.

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      I’ve been asking for a video game on the start up screen for o Rt a year, but understand it’s not high on the priority list. But a guy can still dream.

      Having had my BlackBox coming up on a year and half, I can tell all newer owners that my experience with the company and product has been great. Many, many new features have been added since Loopop’s initial review video, and many refinement’s and de-bug’s as well.

      I own many pieces of gear in my home studio, and the BlackBox had had more consistent upgrades and attention paid to it than any other piece I own. Always buy a piece of gear for what it does the day you buy it, and not for what you hope it to be.

      Also, having seen over a years worth of wishlist-ing I can definitely say not every single thing can or will ever be implemented. There are limits to every device, and I believe this manufacturer is trying to do as much as feasibly possible to satisfy as many users as possible.

      Knowing that, I can be more understanding of not having a Breakout clone or nice game of Asteroids to fiddle with in between making my musical masterpiece’s.


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        I think there's been a misunderstanding here, and I apologise for it.

        Nowhere did I mention buying the BB for future features, so why this is repeatedly mentioned is beyond me. Let me explain.

        The fact that I read and heard so many good things about 1010Music is what convinced me to buy a BB in the first place. Hearing about how they respond and provide regular firmware updates; that excited me because that shows me they care about their customer. This does not mean I expect them to do anything for me. It just makes me feel confident in buying a product that I know won't get dumped in a year's time.

        It's all of this excitement and confidence that drove my thinking to what I wrote in the first thread post. I merely wanted to know more about 1010 and their products because of this external "advertising" by customers, nothing else.

        I am sorry that my over-excitedness seems to have caused confusion in this post. I have many products and I've never in my life bought something in hopes I can get some kind of new feature.

        Anyway thanks for the comments.


        • Steve
          Steve commented
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          The "Buy a box for what it does today..." is a direct quote from our founder, Aaron. There are lots of requests and they are sometimes accompanied by the "...if only it did 'this'..." statement(s) that brought about that quote in the first place. We do try to read every post. We do take the feature requests seriously. And we are far from done with the blackbox!

          Welcome to our forum!