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Simple: Still can't delete single note without zoom?

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  • Simple: Still can't delete single note without zoom?

    I can't lie, the firmware updates have been nice for the most part but I'm floored that there isn't a way to delete a single pad/key without zooming and tapping? (Which to me is impossible without accidentally deleting/adding unwanted notes.)

    Can we get a option to just cut/copy/clear right from the menu?

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    yes indeed, i've got big fingers too, can't tap note out LOL. maybe you can select the bad note and assign 1% play in event... unfortunattely there is no 0% event, would be a good/quick/precise workaround since (0%) 1% is right next to always....


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      The only way for your suggestion to be implemented is to make this post (after searching) in the Wishlist Topic. That is where others can chime in if they would also like it added. If enough people agree and want it, and if it’s possible to do, then it will rise to top of the long, long to-do list for the developers to work on.

      For me it would be a lower priority over other features, I either play in sequences with a midi keyboard for chords and melodies, or I use an external sequencer for drums/pads view. From there I simply zoom in and out where there might be notes needing adjustment or deletion.

      I believe the sequencer screen to be one of the weakest parts of the BlackBox workflow, very annoying to constantly zoom in and out and I also suffer from inaccurate note entry. I’d rather erase a while sequence and replay a part a dozen times until I get it recorded correctly than fiddle with the screen. So that’s what I do.

      Since, on the KEYS screen you can already move note horizontally and vertically with the knobs, I would imagine even a simple erase button once a note is highlighted wouldn’t be too difficult to add. Step entry could also be helpful for n these situations. I’m guessing double tap or multi-gestures are not a thing with this type of touch screen, because that could open up even more control without having to add on screen UI.


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        I think it's already been in the wishlist I've put twice before, but I totally agree... I hardly used the sequencer screen simply because it's too cumbersome


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          Having both a midi keyboard, and an external sequencer for pads, it’s something I never even think about anymore. Yesterday after writing my above post, I started a new song by working out a 64 step drum sequence on my sequencer until I was satisfied with it (using samples on my BB), then with a single pass recorded it into a 256 step sequence without a single error.

          The only thing I had to do after that was scrolling through the sequence on the BlackBox and adding the occasional probability chance to choice steps for some more flavor. Everything else was done ahead of time in the sequencer - arrangement of triggers, shifting various elements on and off grid, adding swing and randomness to certain elements, creating poly rhythms, adding stutters, trills, and fills - all with physical buttons a knobs.

          I highly recommend the use of other tools to overcome the shortcomings of the BB, that way you can better exploit its strengths.


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            We could just have a Delete button next to Event for example. Everything easily fixed then.