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    Hi guys,

    Anyone know if you can record filter automation in any way. I think I read somewhere someone mentioned that perhaps you can use the resample technique, which I've not tried yet. The problem I see with that is that each sample I want some kind of filter movement on will need resampling and therefore take up one of the 16 available sample slots, which will severely limit space.

    I know (obviously) that you can move the filter on a sample in real time, but that's not possible if more than one sample currently playing requires it. Sometimes you want to reuse a sample without the filter too, so in this regard having a resampled version and an unfiltered version works, but like I said, takes up yet another sample slot.

    Perhaps a solution would be to somehow merge two samples into one and use the slice feature to use one slot and trigger the slice you want instead? Now if only the BB could merge samples...

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    Slicing several of these filtered samples together is a good solution. You can only turn one filter at a time using the knobs. But you can control all of them simultaneously using an external MIDI controller/sequencer. Otherwise, resample is your friend here.


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      You can apply note-dependent filter values by assigning 'Velocity' as a modulation source to the filter.

      For continuous sweeps, you'll have to resample the pad, like you mentioned. You can merge the samples by sequencing them one after the other and then resampling that sequence. Then you will have to slice that sample again and use a sequence to trigger the slice you require.

      If only we could record MIDI CC into the sequences...


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        Bought a CCK and a MidiMate eX today, dug out my old ipad mini with lemur on it.

        I really wanted modulation on the BB without having to condemn the Octatrack to LFO duties:

        image04022×2499 2.89 MB

        Lemur iOS -> CCK -> MidiMateX -> BB

        It works quite well, but I’m going to script a more streamlined patch dedicated to the BB when I get the time.