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Digitone or Digitakt with BB?

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  • Digitone or Digitakt with BB?

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    Explaining myself is hard
    I already have a Model:Cycles which I really like the sound of, but feel it has limitations. I am potentially keen to buy the Digitone for more features, but not sure if this will be too much overlap with the M:C since I don't know how different they are in real world use.
    I love the Blackbox, but feel it has limitations on sound mangling and FX. This makes me feel that buying a Digitakt would be a better companion to the BB and M:C but I'm not sure, again, since I don't own one.
    For full clarity, I also own an MPC One and I'm not sure, in comparison to the DT and DN, how much of that immediacy from the Elektron devices carry forward onto the MPC. You may think I'm wasting money on buying either of them if I can already achieve the same results using the MPC.

    I think the thoughts that spurred the above on, was that I was making a nice gritty jam on the M:C and wanted to compliment it with some samples on the BB, but then realised that I cannot do live mangling of said samples while I live jam.

    Again, let me know your thoughts/suggestions/ideas.

    Many thanks,

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    The BlackBox, comparatively, is very limited in sound mangling and FX. Extremely limited would be accurate compared to other gear in the $500-$1000 range.

    I am a big fan of samplers running into samplers. My basic home setup is sampling into the Korg KP3, then into Digitakt, then into the BlackBox, then into the Akai Force. It's like the movie The Human Centipede, but it's samplers. I also have the Digitone Keys. You have a great deal of power in your MPC One as far as mangling and FX goes, as well as controlling the BB with Midi, and plug-ins to sample into the BlackBox.

    Since you have the external sequencing ability from the MPC available, including polyphony, the Digitone will add FM sounds and the speedy Elektron workflow. The Digitakt will add greater sample mangling. The MPC One can create, mangle, and resample to feed the BB.

    It's really a tossup. I'd try to implement the MPC more for now while you are deciding.


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      Thanks for the response mate. I plunged for the Digitakt today. I think now having the holy trinity of MPC One, Blackbox and Digitakt, should give me a nice combination of devices to use together in various ways as you said, to allow me some great mangling options.
      Having further researched the Digitone, I do think I'll get one eventually though...