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    Hiya, I am new to sampling and wonder if there is any recommended Sample sets that go well with the Blackbox, I'm into Techno,House etc and I wouldn't mind trying some more ambient or EDM or generally Chill stuff. I have never Bought Samples before so am looking for quality sample packs that you have actually experienced rather than what you just fancy. Also while I'm here, I have just got the bluebox just a few days ago and am looking for 500 mm stereo leads, any recommends there, or probably more important, what to avoid. I am trying to get away from the computer, so attempting to go Dawless with the blackbox at the centre, but am finding the song mode a bit confusing, to be expected I suppose with my lack of experience, I will probably avoid the song mode until later.

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    Splice is a good place to start, they have a great variety of styles. The quality of the samples is good and you just pick the ones you want.


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      We provide content from Soundtrack Loops, Loopmasters, Symplesound, and Soundopolis. All of these folks make great content.


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        I’ve purchased samples from Loopmasters (via their site and their app LoopCloud) and I think they are great.


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          Goldbaby has some quality sample sets. goldbaby


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            For loops and one-shots, I've had success with both a Splice subscription and then a Loopcloud one. There's advantages to either one. Splice is great if you want the sound of a specific producer or something. Loopcloud has a nice software to be able to edit samples (change key, cut up, add FX) and test layering samples together, so at the moment I went with Loopcloud.

            The one thing I am still looking for is a good pack or site for purely cinematic sound FX samples. I'd like to put some audio to video where good FX come in handy, but those I've found on those 2 sites were a bit lacking for that type of thing. I found a subscription site that offers those, but you have to buy a year in advance, so hadn't pulled the trigger yet.


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              Definitely check out they are one of our content providers. The owner, Dave, is actually a production and post-production sound engineer for film, tv, and web. So his content is very heavy on foley, soundscapes, and more traditional effects for film/tv.

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            Thanks for that recommendation. I'll check them out