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Sequencing clips through external midi gear?

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  • Sequencing clips through external midi gear?

    So until my dream sequencer is realized, I've played with the thought of investing into an external sequencer to control the bb.

    I did a try out with sequencing clips from my arturia drumbrute. However I didn't manage to get one clip playing in sync, even with the drumbrute as the midimaster. There is always a slight delay before the clip actually starts playing when triggering it. Happens with all three settings- gate/toggle and trigger.

    How do you people who sequence the bb with external gear solve this? Or is there no way?

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    After trying some more I realized it works pretty fine when turning the sample to gate mode. However that requires you to have a note sequenced as long as the entire clip is. Which is not something immediate to do on many sequencer. Anyone has a workaround for triggering a clip with using just one note?


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      I feel like I successfully fired pads in time from my Roland MC707 in the past, but I can 't recall if I was just firing samples (such as speech samples) or clips. I plan to do a lot of messing around this week as I'm off from work, so I'll do some experimenting and report back.


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        You should be able to trigger the Clips using a MIDI note from an external sequencer. The clips begin based on the Quant Size: setting. They will also stop according to that same setting. If you set Quant Size to 1 bar, the clip will begin at the start of the next bar. If you set it to 1/4, you will start the clip at the next 1/4 note. Note: the smaller the Quant Size, the smaller your window for triggering the Clip to start at the appropriate time.

        CLip > Toggle > Loop @ 1 bar Quant Size. This will begin your loop at the next bar line and loop until you stop. When you stop, it will stop at the next bar line.


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          Thanks Steve! Today I tried again using quant size 1/16 and that worked perfectly. I think what I was doing wrong before was trying with the quant size "none", as I assumed that would mean zero delay with firing the clip. It actually does, however the clip then stops syncing to the tempo as well.

          Setting it to 1/16 I can get drumbreaks to play along in perfect speed.


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            I have to revive this old thread because I'm stuck with the same problem.
            So I have 4 loops running in parallel. All of them triggered via a midi note at the first moment of a 4-bar sequence. Quant Size is set to 1/16.
            When I start my sequencer all 4 clips start and run fine in sync. But then every 3rd time or so the pattern repeats at least one clip does not get triggered. And then at the next beginning of a pattern it does again.

            I would be quite a hassle for me arrangement-wise to send a note towards the end of the bar so that the clip will fire at the beginning of the next one. Is there any way I can stick with above arrangement?


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              Quant Size is set to 1/16.

              this setting, receiving a MIDI note on the beat, should result in the Clip starting 1/16th note after 1. In other words, I would not expect this to work. If you use this setting you need to send the MIDI note (up to) a 16th before 1. Another option is to set the Quant Size to 1 and send the MIDI note (up to) a bar early. This should work every time.


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                Thanks for the swift reply. I guess I was somewhat confused by it working most of the time but just dropping out here and there. Am trying now the option you suggested. Will respond here if I run into more trouble. Again, thanks!