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Reccomendation for small MIDI controller to use with Blackbox

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  • Reccomendation for small MIDI controller to use with Blackbox

    Hi All, I was hoping to use an Arturia minilab to do stuff with the blackbox but Arturia apparently has some issues communicating with linux based systems and notes hang a bunch along with other weird stuff. Can you guys recommend a small, portable MIDI controller thats preferably affordable? Keys are more preferable to pads but pads are nice too.

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    I use the Keith mcmillen QuNexus, its the best I've tried for portability and expressiveness, the keys are something between pads and keys which works for playing drums and keys using the same device; the only issue is that it doesn't have any knobs or faders for midi cc (in case you are looking for that).
    Other than that I've also used the novation launch key mini mk3, launchpad pro mk3 and those works great too, very simple to configure with the blackbox
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      You should consider the Noise Machine SME.

      it’s a very tiny MIDI controller with 12 buttons, one fader and even a built-in arp/sequencer. The buttons and the fader have different functions.

      it’s only Bluetooth though so you would also need a WIDI Jack or the upcoming WIDI Bud Pro from CME. The Bud Pro will connect to the USB host port of the BB. Both allow you to add Bluetooth MIDI to your device.

      i haven’t tested though if the Noise Machine does work with the WIDI, but I’ve ordered one so I will share my experience when I receive it.


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        I use my Akai MPK Mini MK3. Perfect combo of pads, knobs, keys, and pitch/mod control.


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          Thank you guys! I will check all of these out, I appreciate it.


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            Ended up going with the Akai, nice combo of size/play-ability with nice sized pads and knobs, a bonus for my ape hands.


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              My BB comes Monday but I have an old Beatstep that I'm hoping might be perfect. Can't beat Akai pads tho!!