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Content Bundles won't open on Blackbox

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  • Content Bundles won't open on Blackbox

    Hi all. Brand new Blackbox user here.
    I needed to update firmware, so I figured I'd get a bigger microsd card while I was at it.
    After correctly formatting it I loaded the firmware and dropped 2 content bundles on there from the website.
    It just says to put them in the root file. So I just dropped them into the card.
    Firmware updated perfectly.

    But when I went to presets...nothing there. So I read a bit more, and I gathered that I needed to make a folder called presets.
    So I made one, and dropped the content bundles in there.
    Now I see the names of the content bundles, but there is nothing in them.
    What am I doing wrong?

    I scoured the forum for an answer but I can't find it. I attached a picture of my sd card root screen.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Any advice on how to do this would be amazing.
    In the forum page with bundle 1.3, it says the symplesounds file was fixed to work with this new file system, which tbh is greek to me.
    So am I supposed to just drop the whole thing into presets?
    This is super frustrating. I've done exactly what it says to do in the manual, I think, and still when I click load on symplesounds in pset, it just goes to an empty PADS screen.
    Do I have to do something individually to every preset in the bundle before I take the card out of the computer?
    If so, what is that?
    I'm just a lowly musician, not a computer programmer... This makes no sense to me.


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      not sure if it matters, but you don't have a samples folder at the top level
      have a look at the pic in this post


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        Ooh thanks! My search did not come across this thread. Greatly appreciated. I’ll check it out