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Problem because of ProgChange on any MIDI channel

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  • Problem because of ProgChange on any MIDI channel

    Hi folks,
    is there a way, that the BB1010 listen to a dedicated MIDI-channel for ProgChange? (look at page 93 in the manual) I need to send several ProgChange-commands to several different machines via different MIDI-channels, but the BB1010 reacts also to ProgChange-commands for the other machines. Any ideas?

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    The blackbox will accept MIDI PGM based on the global settings in TOOLS. If you set, for example, MIDI Pads: 1, this will allow PGM messages received on Ch 1. If you set it to OMNI the blackbox will receive on any channel. If you set to OMNI but have a Pad set to Ch 4, the blackbox will receive messages on all channels except Ch 4.


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      Hi Steve, thanx for your responde, but my problem still exists. This is:
      Midi-settings in TOOLS
      Pads to Midichannel 16
      Keys to midichannel 15

      I send a Programm-Change-Message (PCM), here Preset 6 on Bank D on Midi-channel 10
      B9 00 03
      B9 20 01
      C9 06
      but the bb1010 also change to the preset 6 (...but the bb1010 is still not on midichannel 10)

      Then, as a test, I changed both midichannels on the bb1010 and sent the same PCM - the bb1010 still change to preset 6...

      It seems, that the bb1010 listen not only to the midichannels, which are selected in TOOLS...

      I'm at a loss... plz help

      Firmware 1.7.F
      sending PCM via bandhelper
      data controlled via MidiView


      • Tobalifant
        Tobalifant commented
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        No, all pads are set to "NONE" - I checked this allready...

      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        Which device is sending the PGM change message?

      • Tobalifant
        Tobalifant commented
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        I use an ipad with the bandhelper-software...