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serious midi problem with midi fighter 3d

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  • serious midi problem with midi fighter 3d

    i have serious problems when i connect my midi fighter with the blackbox.once i launch a sample in sliced mode, the midi fighter starts to act strangely!
    anyone can help me
    i 've tested the midi fighter on ableton and it works perfectly
    thanks everyone

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    My midi fighter works fine, when there's enough power to run it from the BB usb port. I'd make sure the led animations are disabled and check if you are giving the BB enough power


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      Yes, please confirm that you are using the supplied wall adapter and USB power cable for the blackbox.


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        thanks a lot for the answers.the wall adapter is the one supplied with the bb, but i just realized that the usb cable wasn't .
        i'll check with the right one and let u guys know


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          It is hard to emphasize just how important the proper cable & wall adapter are to the proper functioning of our boxes. If you cannot locate the factory cable, make sure the cable you use can deliver at least 2A @ 5V. We have recently put our stamp of approval (whatever that is!) on the Chroma Cable by Dj Tech Tools. These are inexpensive, come in many colors AND a right-angle B connector. I have 3 of them and use them daily. They perform at least as well as ours.

          from Amazon:
          Dj Tech Tools:


          • sirshannon
            sirshannon commented
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            Do you have any recommendations for short cables? (I use 6-inch cables when possible.)

          • Steve
            Steve commented
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            Unfortunately, not at this time but I will look for one. I was happy to find the Chroma cable as a quality substitute for our cable.

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          THANKS A LOT!!!!!!! that was the problem in fact.
          it now works perfectly
          and by the way the black box is an amazing powerful little machine.
          no more computer, les possibilities, and so much more creativity!