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Cant record midi sequence, what am I doing wrong?

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  • Cant record midi sequence, what am I doing wrong?

    So I just got my replacement blackbox in, trying to record a bass line, have a midi keyboard plugged into the usb of the blackbox, the midi out going to a moog grandmother. when I try and record a sequence, I am triggering the grandmother but its not recording any of the notes I play to the sequencer and im at a loss to figure out why.

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    sounds like you're not using a burner pad. load a sample into pad 1, set it to gate launch mode, mute it. then go to a sequence, it should default to pad 1, press record and play your sequence, you should see it recording the notes you play.

    essentially the blackbox records a pad that is being played. otherwise it won't record the note sequence.


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      This sounds like exactly what the issue is, i'd test it out now but my neighbors would kill me lol, will give it a shot in the morning


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        OK I did this and it worked but now I have another problem, trying to load another pad with a sound and no matter how I set it up it keeps triggering the external synth, again any help is really appreciated


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          Check midi out for any pads that are playing, midi out for any active sequences, and that the onboard sequencer of your synth (if it has one) hasn't recorded and is playing that back..