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Issues sequencing multiple external synths

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  • Issues sequencing multiple external synths

    Hi all

    On one sequence I am working on, I have set up two pads to control 2 separate external synths. Midi from the blackbox is going into a moog grand mother, and then the midi thru of the moog grandmother to a 0-cost, the moog is internally set to midi channel 1 and the 0-coast is set to channel 2.

    Whenever I hit play on the blackbox, no matter what I do, notes from the first pad playing the first external synth overwrite the notes being played by the second synth as soon as I let go of a key, the pitch drops for the remainder of the note release. This then stops one I stop playback on the blackbox. any idea why this would be happening?

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    This is really driving me crazy, basically it seems impossible to sequence two separate synths on the same sequence using 2 different pads, unless I am not getting something


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      • shankiphonic
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        I can say with great certainty I can offer you no assistance at this time....
        digging the vibe though. sounds very cinematic - like it would work well as a movie score... perhaps about a man living in a high tech world, longing for a simpler time... hahaha
        seriously, sounds good though.

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      I think your setup is a little confused, it seems like you've recorded control voltage to a pad? AFAIK (never tried it personally) that is indeed the way to control a cv instrument from blackbox, as shown in this thread

      this is very different than sending midi though, they are two different protocols and should be kept separate, if the moog is capable of converting midi to cv, I suspect that is what you are hearing downstream on the cv instrument,

      blackbox does not convert midi to cv for you, you would need something like a kenton box to do that
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        Hahah, thank you! I Appreciate that lol.

        So I ended up figuring out what the issue was, wasn't the blackbox at all, but apparently the 0-coast accepts Midi data from 2 channels simultaneously and I figured out the second one was on omni!

        Anyway, ill see if I can figure out how to post the song I ended up making up once I got everything working, probably should attempt to do a little mixing on the bluebox first