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change a sample's loop length quantized to bpm?

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  • change a sample's loop length quantized to bpm?

    Hi Im thinking about buying a BB. Just wanted to check if i have a 4 bar drum loop sample, will BB let me change the loop length quantised to the bpm eg make the sample loop half the length? In the manual it seems like loop length is based on 'samples' not bpm. I might have missed this as still trying to get my head around BB.

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    There are several ways to accomplish what you want but not exactly the way you're asking.
    - In your example, changing the loop length by number of samples is easy (you just divide by 2 to make it half as long).
    - Depending on how you're using the sample, you can also slice it (2 slices created automatically is pretty simple)
    - or you can resample to get exactly what you want
    - or set the sample to play monophonically in trigger mode and trigger it after it plays halfway through each time
    - or probably a half dozen other ways to accomplish the same thing. I bet you would get 5 different answers if you asked 5 different Blackbox users. The way you end up preferring all depends on your personal preferences, the source material, the specific project, etc.