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DIY Ikea Stand for Blackbox

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  • DIY Ikea Stand for Blackbox

    I was trying to find a good stand for my bb for a while. Lots of great DIYs and ideas from the community here, but when I saw a few of these this Ikea shelves (named "GIT 2") new in the package for $3 at the thrift store, I knew they were destined to become my stand. I am a very poor woodworker, but managed to scrounge the stand together using 2 shelf kits and a a mix of hand tools and salsa records. It looks passable from most angles, but viewed from the back, it's very lopsided and generally janky. Soild as a rock tho and I'm super happy with the angle and added height, as it allows me to use the blackbox in more of an upright sitting position, rather than hunching over to stare down at it. Unfortunately, I don't think Ikea sells this particular shelf anymore — a real shame considering it's got the perfect shape for tiny synth end-cheeks. That being said, a similar shelf might work well if you can find one. Cheers!
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