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OP-1 & Blackbox workflow

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  • OP-1 & Blackbox workflow

    Here is a little visit showing my workflow send MIDI and audio back and forth on 2 of my favorite machines.
    Regarding the MIDI sequencing work around of the OP-1 that I show in the video, wondering if there is something I am missing that does not require the work around in order to sequence in that fashion, both sending MIDI notes from the OP-1 to BB and back.

    Would love any feedback, thoughts or questions

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    Yet another example of evidence to the point: Blackbox shines when used in combination with other gear.
    It's not too shabby on its own. But despite some critiques that it's missing critical functionality, one of its strengths is complimenting other equipment in a setup.

    I know what you're talking about with the 16-1 sequences.....


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      I saw this post over in the "Post your Blackbox Jams" thread.

      @Great stuff G Lampa.. I also have an OP1 and have been looking at a BB as a way to expand the op1s functionality. Are you sampling to the OP1, applying FX, then sampling back to BB here?

      Mireko,I was curious how to use the OP-1 as a FX processor for blackbox output so did some playing around and figured it out. Here's a step by step:

      1) Connect the Blackbox Phones out to the OP-1 audio in (red port)
      2) Load up a pad or song on the blackbox
      3) On the OP-1, do a Shift+Mic button, and use the blue knob to select the microphone as the input; adjust gain and threshhold settings as desired with orange and white knobs
      4) Press [mixer] and then [T3] (fx).
      5) Press [shift] + [T3] and select CWO.
      6) Press [mic] to toggle microphone on.
      7) Press play on the blackbox, and you should hear the Blackbox sample being filtered by the OP-1.


      Here's a video of me playing around with the different effects, starting with a super simple beat in the blackbox:

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