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  • The encoder glitch has made the device unusable for me

    it keeps going into half time amongst other crazy stuff, it must be changing the pattern lengths in the background.


    • _monomakes_
      _monomakes_ commented
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      Yea! It's driving me crazy.

    • Georges
      Georges commented
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      Maybe this bug is hard to track down? I have not yet encountered it so far, despite daily use of the bb with the most recent update since its day of release.

  • Hello! Touchosc released the new app now with support of MIDI over USB. I created basic one slider for test. Turned on MIDI USB on my tablet (android) and hit learn on filter (for example) then moved the fader, I can see that BB catched CC message and assigned it. But after that any movement of the fader do nothing. I have tested same setup on my other gear and it worked. On the filter I can see indicator of assignment. Still not working.


    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      This thread is for 1.9 feedback, specifically.

  • Now religiously refreshing for an update. Encoder issue is rendered my machine useless for now after 2 mins of use. Looking forward to having that thing sorted! Rest is gold


    • I seem to be having an issue with the internal clock. On Song mode, after a while, it goes completely off or just stops entirely. I was rehearsing last night and it started going haywire then the BB just restarted on its own. Hopefully a firmware issue rather than something more serious but thought I'd post!

      Also pleeeease can the duty cycle be restored to its functioning pre 1.7 firmware? It doesn't seem to work the same in recent updates - I use it to arpeggiate single notes on external hardware and it doesn't seem to allow this to happen anymore, even when it's reduced to 0%. Will need to downgrade to 1.6 for the time being.


      • Thank you for such a great update. I've had the chance to play with the latest firmware for a few weeks now and am really enjoying it.

        The master EQ sounds amazing and was such a great addition to this unit. It has a way of really lifting loops and sequences to fit with sounds from other instruments. I would say that possibly labelling the 4 encoders on the screen would make operation a little easier. I'm pretty good at figuring things out but the switching between bands, changing eq type and adding / removing gain is taking me some time to get my head around. Not a major issue just thought it's worth noting.

        I'm not sure if this is a new feature but double tapping mix to get to the mutes page is fantastic! it was a little clunky and slow to go to mix page and then hit info before but it feels really positive hitting mix twice, muting a pad then back to the pads page.

        I'm not sure how long ago the exclusive groups were added but have just gotten into using them which is amazing for live performance. My only problem is that I ran out of letters too quickly! Is there any way of adding more than A-D please?

        I'm really enjoying the new visual layout of the filter and ADSR screens which make really nice use of the 4 encoders. It makes me think that you could have a 'performance' page that you can set up 8 parameters, or even 2 banks of 4 which you can switch between, that would allow you to adjust elements from all over the machine.

        I haven't found any bugs as of yet but will keep you all posted if I do. You can really tell this machine is made by passionate people and it's so great to see it evolve and improve. If theres anything I can do to help out just let me know



        • Originally posted by Assemblercode View Post
          It makes me think that you could have a 'performance' page that you can set up 8 parameters, or even 2 banks of 4 which you can switch between, that would allow you to adjust elements from all over the machine.
          This is a fantastic idea! Have you added it to the Wishlist?


          • Assemblercode
            Assemblercode commented
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            Not yet! Just thought about it while writing my feedback. I will be sure to add it. Thank you!

        • Originally posted by Assemblercode View Post
          . You can really tell this machine is made by passionate people and it's so great to see it evolve and improve.
          I like that!!!


          • Hello!

            I've been using the 1.9.3 version (not the 1.9 B after encountering the infamous encoder/clock issue during a show ) for a couple of weeks and it's been and it's been quite stable, although i did experience what spltunes showed in their video. I was playing a sample with a Keith McMillen QuNexus keyboard connected to the device input of the BB and all of a sudden it stopped working. Very random, because i had been playing for hours other days and never had this problem.

            Another issue that i've come accross is that when using an external controller to control the rate of the LFO you must always re-trigger the sample or press the TRIG button. This isn't necessary when you use the BB encoder to change the rate, only if you wish to change the waveform. All other parameters (LFO depth, filter cutoff + resonance, pitch, etc...) don't need to re-trigger the sample and work perfectly, that's why i'm pointing this out.

            Hopefully the team will have some time soon to make a solid version of this great update! Thanks!


            • shankiphonic
              shankiphonic commented
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              Steve - alrighty then. I'll be sure to power it independently and connect over midi going forward.
              thank you.

            • escargot
              escargot commented
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              where is 1.9.3? haven't seen it so far

            • Georges
              Georges commented
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              Not sure why, but the USB powered devices with a USB host port that I have encountered so far seem to be of limited use. Even my kenton host mkii (itself USB powered) does not provide a consistent 5v, even though advertised as such.

          • Hi, Ever since I've updated to 1.9 I'm dealing with knobs that automatically scroll back and forth randomly. Also, as shown in the attachment, you can see that I can't actually move through a sample. This might be related to the length of the sample as it seems to be worse with longer samples.


            Please see video for example. My hope is it's not deteriorating pots but rather some sort of software thing. the slower I move the pots the more accurate they are. If I go fast they move all over the place.



            • I haven't tried it in previous versions cause i didn't know it was there, but importing the 1.9B .als file into ableton doesn't work Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 12.42.48 AM.png
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              • upwardspiral
                upwardspiral commented
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                Hi escargot,

                several user reported the same issue in this thread:


                you may want to try this:

                Originally posted by Ivan1071 View Post
                hi, als file generated by blackbox has a translation issue reported by ableton live as a corrupt file, but fix is simple,
                Preset.als actually should finish with </Ableton> but a blank row causes a corrupted als file. until now is manually fixable by deleting that empty row
                Thanks for reportiing. I was wondering myself whether this has been fixed.

            • Also excited about all the goodies in this update!

              Wanted to chime in and say I'm also seeing the encoder issue. I haven't done too much -- just recorded some long samples on 3 pads, set them all to toggle mode, and looped them, reversed, etc. Played a bit with the LFOs. Sometimes it seems like the encoders can't decide what parameter they're controlling, and sometimes the values go in random directions.

              Otherwise, love all of this! Thanks for making Bb even more awesome.


              • Hi great update however I’ve experienced a problem where by I’ve sampled something then when I go to trim the sample ie press the trim moniker BB crashes and returns to the last point I saved. It’s happened a couple of times now


                • Report this in the correct thread. There's many instances already reported


                  • When I use the filter on samples I get clicks each cycle. It sounds like the loop ends on a non zero crossing point in the waveform. It don’t hear clicks without the filter. Nobody else stumbled across this?


                    • da.vid
                      da.vid commented
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                      I had it sometimes. I then add a micro fade for the loop that solves the issue. For bidirectional loops (back and forth playing) I need to do the opposite and take the fade away again, in case I had added it.

                  • Originally posted by Chris Moon View Post
                    Hello 1010 guys,
                    Thank you for this major update.
                    I have only used the record by midi option and it works great.
                    The only strange thing that happens is : note 102 plays the selected pad and if you send note 102 again it stops the selected pad , that is GREAT, but this only works for pad 1, 2, 3 and 4 and
                    not for the others. Normal behaviour ?
                    I'm experience issues with Record and Clear Pads after the 1, 2, 3 & 4 too. This is an awesome feature and hopefully can be fixed in the next update so I can finally have my dream 8 track modular looping device.