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    A big thanks to the team. This more or less renews the Black Box and re-imagines what's possible. I'm so pleased to see many of these new features. A worthwhile sampler has to be able to transform and mangle samples to create new music. All the great samplers of the past (& present) have done this. Hopefully these features set the BB on this course. But either way, this is a great update. I hope you can get some video tutorials out to promote the features and hopefully extend the shelf life of this great tool.


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      Incredible update!! I already loved the machine before in spite of its known limitations, but really cool that Aaron and his crew heard our calls! This is definitely a big PLUS for me as it is important to hear out users and work together to make this instrument better and better and not just leave it as is and make a new machine instead.

      So i've checked out most of the new features and i have some input to give:


      - When having a sample looping in TOGGLE mode, the changes on the waveform of the LFO don't take effect unless you restart the sample. This was already the case when assigning external LFO's to loops back in the 1.7F days... would be cool to be able to change waveforms in real time.

      - What does TRIG do? I've tried it out several times under different configs and nothing seems to happen.

      MODULATION POINTS (because as we all know, one of the super strong points of this machine!) :

      - Those for the delay and the reverb are gone! That's a shame, it was fun to assign lfo's to them, not to mention controlling them with an external device during a performance. Gotta say though, really love the new delay algorithm!

      - None for the SUSTAIN on the ADSR... how come?

      The EQ:

      - When assigning the TYPE of EQ, the first one on the list should be PARAM in my opinion, since it doesn't cause any abrupt changes in the sound unless the other parameters are modified. This is from a performance standpoint, as having to go from LO CUT to LO SHELF to PARAM on the fly could affect the flow of a jam. It reminds me a lot of the Fabfilter Q3 plugin and I always found it great the default type of EQ is parametric.

      - Modulation points for all 4 controls are always welcome

      PROGRAM CHANGE: would be amazing to implement the possibility to send out these messages via the MIDI sequences, like the Akai MPC which has been doing it since day one pretty much.

      Ok a bit of a long post, but I guess it shows my excitement and support for this instrument and this new chapter. Thanks again and keep up the good stuff!!


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        Agree on the parametric being the first option on the EQ screen. Would allow subtle adjustment without a major sound shift
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      The new font sizes are a bit difficult to read for an old chap like me. Looks like there's enough black space around them to make them bigger. Pretty please? I actually prefer the original 'simple text' rather than pretend knob graphic with tiny text, but I suppose others will disagree. Oh, another please for a 1/4D - dotted fourth on the delay.

      Lastly, apologies for being slow but what's the key or encoder combination for getting out of the MIDI/LFO assign page and back to the regular screens (envelope etc.)? Having set my mod value I seem to be stuck there. Edit: it even goes straight back to that screen if I load in a new Preset. Eek!


      • jayneural
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        It’s true but at some point you know there things are.

        And for some reason it’s more satisfactory to see that knob

        You should check out the Digitakt, then you’ll find the text on the Blackbox giant

      • Georges
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        +1 for bigger font sizes on the soft knobs. In addition, readability would be further improved if the parameter names were written in Proper case rather than ALLCAPS.

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      Pressing the ‘Back’ button above the left side encoders will bring you back. No pun intended.

      Others have commented on not liking the screen dials/small font as well, I prefer it and it matches the GUI of the BlueBox which makes my devices feel more coherent. its always a gamble when new updates come out. Every update will have a small number of people disappointed with various changes, it is inevitable, but such is the price of progress.

      This new update is a large step forward and was needed to keep this device relevant compared to much more powerful equipment in its general price range. In my opinion there are many more areas that need improvement to justify the cost of this device, and I hope they continue to add the many basic functionalities that are still missing. This update, like a few from the past, is wonderful and the BlackBox is shaping up to be a contender in the Sampler and ‘Music Production’ category.


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        Originally posted by Suspect Frequencies View Post
        Pressing the ‘Back’ button above the left side encoders will bring you back. No pun intended.

        When I press Back I go back to the Sample/Clip/etc, page. BUT what I can't do is get to the regular screens again, Even from the pad page, pressing Info takes me to the assign screen I'm stuck on. I want to leave that page and return to the display with Filter/envelope on it.
        Some kind of bug - power cycle restored normal operation.
        Reverting to older firmware for now though, easier on the eyes.
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          great new features lfo really works on the drums and the resonance knob is a fine addition for some tuning of the lowend of the sample or the kick (adjusting the cutoff -3 +3 whilst upping the resonance)

          lfo make the beat very punchy like a sidechain

          really hoping for that mastercompressor addtional settings and led feedback for midi controllers on the final version

          great work


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            Originally posted by circuitghost View Post
            While obviously this isn't the intended result, it's an interesting idea to let each sample slot pass or bypass through the master eq. I wouldn't mind this bug turning into a feature, where I can just tick "Master EQ on / off" for each sample.
            This is a nice feature request, maybe you should post it in the request thread too?


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              I think ill end up waiting for the full version as im worried ill mess up the multisample fix


              • Steve
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                no real way to mess it up. Even if you record into the wrong directory, you can adjust it on your computer.

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              really great, thank you very much !
              but could we have the envelope as mod source also, would be amazing !


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                Amazing update, thanks for keeping the amazing work going. I was very happy since the 1.7 update, now i´m very happy to see so many features. As they´ve said, I would like to see more FX as well, and I´d love to see song sequence as well. Thanks, thanks, thanks.


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                  I was exploring the midi-only sequences, and it doesn't seem like I can record midi played in through an external midi device into them.

                  I have a Keystep -> Blackbox -> quadra-thru -> synths.
                  1. For midi sequences, I manually fill in sequence notes on the touch screen and the correct synth plays as expected.
                  2. The sequence is highlighted on the SEQS screen, and I use the Keystep to play the synth through that sequence. If I select a different midi sequence, the keystep is instantly redirected to the new midi channel. This works well, and is again what I would expect.
                  3. What I cannot do is press the record button and record Keystep midi notes into the sequence (using it as a real-time midi sequencer/recorder). That is the (missing?) key feature which ties this all together.
                  I am aware of the guide at ... That method still works, but it would be amazing to be able to have this final link of recording midi notes from an external midi keyboard into the midi sequences.

                  Great work so far.


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                    Very good update. The LFO is very cool and very useful.
                    I'm just a little bit disapointed about granular mode. Just one parameter with modulation possiblity is a little bit frustrating. The granular mode of blackbox is a very good point of this sampler and have the possiblity of modulating all the parameters would be fantastic. (maybe in next update ^^)

                    Thanx 1010music, your work is very great


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                      Delighted with the new firmware! I don't get what the WIDTH parameter stands for on the delay effect page. It acts more like a level, and doesn't affect the pan spread on ping-pong setting. Is this supposed to be the stereo width, or something else?


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                        I'm thinking of trying 1.9. Since it's beta, are there risks with installing it? I have v1.7 running now. Typically, how long does a 1010music firmware release remain in beta?


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                          Originally posted by billodo View Post
                          I'm thinking of trying 1.9. Since it's beta, are there risks with installing it? I have v1.7 running now. Typically, how long does a 1010music firmware release remain in beta?
                          oh yes, consider 1.9 beta as fragile. would not recommend to use it in any critical live environment...

                          i would expect a couple of weeks until this is stable.