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  • clips and launch mode


    I wonder whether anyone would be able to shed some light on how launch modes work together with clips.

    My scenario is as follows:
    * a custom bar length recorded clip (recorded in the blackbox using custom bar length) - due to custom length, the clip is not perfect, that is there is an imprecision to the last beat at the end, the imprecision bring less than a beat
    * clip release is set to 0%
    * a sequence which triggers the clip and for which the bar length is set to what it should be ideally.

    The desired result would be for the sequence to stop playing the sample beyond the specified range, so as to skip and de facto correct for the imprecision in the end of the clip.

    Here are my observations with the various launch modes and clip sync settings:

    clip sync turned off:
    * toggle or gate: the clip triggered by the seq plays through to the end, disregarding the specified seq bar length
    * trigger: the clip is played by the seq plays until the bar length specified by the seq bar length

    clip sync set to 1 bar and clip beat count set to the ideal beat number, the one that is equal to the seq bar length (knowing that the recording imprecision is less than a beat):
    * toggle, gate or trigger: the clip is triggered by the seq plays until the bar length specified by the seq bar length

    * without sync, trigger does the trick but I do not understand why. According to the manual and intuitively, it should be gate that should have behaved in this manner and not trigger, shouldn’t it?
    * So sync makes it work correctly and indifferently from launch mode. This is a bit unexpected because the recorded imperfect clip does not exactly correspond with the ideal number of beats. There seems to be some blackbox magic going on :-)