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  • Random Velocity

    New user here!
    Is there a way to add random velocity when playing multi sampled velocity layers? Like a sort of "round-robin" mode?
    If not....Any ideas on a hardware S&H module or keyboard that sends out midi to modulate velocity on Blackbox?

    Thank you!

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    You might consider the Blokas Midihub - a very powerful midi processor. It can take incoming midi from a midi keyboard and, for example, randomize the velocity, and send that midi out to the blackbox. It takes a bit of configuration but there is a good community more than willing to help with patches when people get stuck. The only downside to pairing it with the blackbox is that it wont communicate with the blackbox over usb since it is a usb midi hub (with 4 usb midi devices), rather than a usb midi device.


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      Thanks! Looks like a great tool!
      However after noodling around I found a workaround.....just put in a long sample with all the velocity layers after eachother and slice them , then use random sequencing of the slices...every time you hit the pad it plays a random slice, solves it for now!