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19F usability, anti aliasing, cpu saving strategies...

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  • 19F usability, anti aliasing, cpu saving strategies...

    this is no bug report, nor a complaint.

    i love the bb, even if it drove me crazy more than a time.
    nevertheless, i like the 19F very much. lfo, and a better UI are great upgrades. midi rec seems to work also. i think the UI can have, still, some pratical improvment. i use BB as an instrument in a imporvisation way, so UI and stability is an important thing to me.

    i know that the cpu is not that powerfull, but i can forgive that, since the price is not that high and when i was looking for that kind of sampler with advanced midi option and advanced audio out, there were not many competitors (spoiler : NONE competitors IMHO). anyway : i noticed that the polyphony** was good in this update, i mean : i noticed LESS cracking. i think that comes from 3 factors 1/ i may be more safe / prudent, that is a thing to learn, very frustrating* at the beginning and now, well... one should "understand" the machine 2/ the BB's code is more efficient thanks to the good work at 1010 music 3 / the antialiasing ALGO (between normal vs HQ) have changed in 19F. i noticed that i would NEED to put HQ option more often than before (meaning : there are more often cases when i can hear the aliasing and don't want that), but when switching too many HQ on, it would eventually lead to CRACK (in my set up). in the other way round, when too much data make cracks appear, switching HQ off often fix the pb...

    at the end of the day : i allow myself only two multisamples*** or polyphonic** pads AT a time, and i allow one or two monophonic + 1 multisample/poliphonic with HQ on. all sound are mono 48/24.
    always with 1010 usb/power. no seq. no comp. the less reverb / delay possible, maybe 6 pads with some verb. 2 with delay.

    my set up : 10 monophonic sound triggered by drumbrute, 8 of them are midi controlled by nanokontrol
    + 2 X 2 polyphonic** / multisamples*** sequenced by bastl midi looper.

    some questions :

    1010 : 1/ are my strategies to keep the cpu alive good ? 2/ what weight has the LFO modulation(s) vs the cpu ?
    users : 3 / what are your strategies ? 4 / the limits that you noticed concerning BB ? (19F)

    cheers mates !


    * compared to my ableton usage that is, on my workhouse computer kinda unlimited LOL
    ** meaning poly more than 3
    *** more than 7 samples
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    ad 1) to what extent do you insist on a live setup? maybe you could save some resources by resampling the most repetitive parts of your performance? remember that bb can last through very long clips
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      hi george,

      improvisation : there's no internal SEQ, nothing repetitive => meaning nothing to resample...

      for me, the point is, precisely, to make things change or non planned things to "happen" (there is randomness/manipulation on the external seqs + manipulation on the fly on BB)