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  • Help identifying samples?

    I'm trying to deconstruct this track but have very limited knowledge of instruments and don't know what some of the sounds are. I'm not looking to make an exact copy, just fancy doing a cover.

    What I'm particularly keen to find out is the instrument at 02m26s, though any advice on how to recreate other parts of it would be great! For example, at 0:06, is that just tapping on a glass bottle, or a specific instrument?

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    Sounds like a slow release SAW with resonance other than that cant say. Do you have a VST or hard synth you can experiment on ??


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      Originally posted by Chuzzz View Post
      Sounds like a slow release SAW with resonance other than that cant say. Do you have a VST or hard synth you can experiment on ??
      I'm pretty new to this, so only have basic knowledge. When you say a VST or hard synth, what do you mean? I have various VSTs I've picked randomly, but what would you recommend for experimentation?

      Thanks for replying, by the way!


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        Originally posted by jonnnnny View Post

        I have various VSTs I've picked randomly
        I've checked and I have Helm - will that do the job?


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          Yer can give it a try Jonnnnny a saw is a saw and most synths have resonance bit of experimentation and yer never know may come up with something better


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            The best free softsynth around is Vital. It can easily reproduce any sound from that video. And you can make plenty of samples for your Blackbox. Simply record all the stuff you make while figuring out how the synth works. This may take some time since it's a feature monster. But it's fun.



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              I just took a quick look at the Helm VST page and manual, that synth is more than capable of creating a similar sound as in your video. I however would say to ignore advice of trying to recreate it from scratch. As you say, you are new to this type of thing, and learning the basics of synthesis is certainly important and something you should start doing.
              But what you want right now is to find, among the presets, something that sounds close to your ears. It is most likely to be found under the category of ‘Leads’ and what’s nice about this Helm Synth is there appear to be lots of additional free preset packs available for download.
              Again, I’m not advocating to NOT learn to program your own sounds - on the contrary, it is one of the most fun things about creating music. But I think you can get close to the sound more easily by finding a preset and that you will enjoy the process of, and lessons learned from recreating a track.
              The great thing about making music in a production environment like the BlackBox is that you can rough out nice cover, then go back and replace that lead line with a sound you e created later, or with a better matching preset you discover down the line.
              There are many YouTube video that explain basic synthesis, what a ‘saw’ is and the like which will help you understand the process more than just a few helpful sentences or paragraphs from a forum post.
              If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!


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                Thanks folks, all really helpful. Will take your advice and see what I end up with!


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                  Hi again, I've got another beginner's question here. I'm now trying to recreate the arpeggio at 0.28 that then occurs regularly throughout the song.

                  I don't know much about arps at all, so have been experimenting with my Novation Launchkey MK3.

                  I can get something that almost sounds okay by playing three notes of each chord as a down arp, set to the 116bpm of the song, but it's definitely a long way from right.

                  Has anyone got any tips so I can learn how to get it closer?

                  Thanks again!