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Thank you guys ! ...again

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  • Thank you guys ! ...again

    As an electronic music producer since 3 decades, i am currently into the BB since a short time. And i want to thank you for inventing and making this great unit ! I tested tons of stuff since all this time. I was always in love with the concept of grooveboxes. The first product labeled groovebox has been the non perfect MC 303 and i used it for years. I could report hours about different grooveboxes, all the Rolands, electribes, their pros and cons and so on. But i want to keep things short.

    The BB is all i ever thought of. It is so advanced compared to all the over stuff i know. I prefer it much over the digitakt, opz, op 1, and so on.
    This because it merges nearly all the important properties and is overall so well thought thru.
    And it is affordable too.

    It is incredibly small, but not too small. Perfect size.
    Its touchscreen in connection with the knobs and buttons is IMO the perfect user interface.
    It has a great sound with great connectivity.
    It can be powered via rugged USB type B.
    Its design and tough built quality is just perfect.
    It is like operating an industry standard military grade machine. =)
    The SD card interface is at least for me the best solution for quick data transfer.
    Up and downgrading different FW is quick and easy.
    The screen's colour scheme with cyan / magenta is perfect.

    Do not make the mistake and take it ever out of production. It is so annoying to see great products getting discontinued. Never touch a running system !

    As an experienced electro-musician i can tell you this is a very great instrument you did and i enjoy so much using it. And it is now my most important gear. For me it needs no improvement on the hardware side. And i see, you are diligently developing the firmware.

    You did everything right, THANK YOU !

    Excuse my bad english, i am german speaking =)