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Cheap case & right-angled cable

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  • Cheap case & right-angled cable

    Hi, I just bought a blackbox last week, and have something to share - I managed to find a cheap case that fits. It's a CD case, and I just cut out the CD holders, it's a snug fit...

    Link here:

    I also managed to find a USB cable with a right-angled connector, as the supplied cable was poking out too far for where I wanted the blackbox on my desk. Unfortunately I didn't notice until too late that the socket is mounted upside-down on the blackbox so you might want to buy a "left" cable and not a "right" cable as I have done - Picture anyway, so you get the idea...

    Here's a link to the cable:

    Hope this helps someone!

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    Nice I’m using a small generic case I already had.