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Black Box 2 YR User... I can't map LCXL pads to BB I'm dying.

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  • Black Box 2 YR User... I can't map LCXL pads to BB I'm dying.

    I have the Novation Launch Control XL MKII controlling the blackbox 2.0

    I've tried to map the buttons using online charts for midi notes to instrument keys. It doesn't work. I've tried mana variations and octaves. Still not one trigger. Please help.

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    Have you checked the LCXL MIDI channel and note assignments? You can set this up and change them using the Novation Components software.


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      I’ve used the components software since day one and tried basically every note assignment out of the 88 keys on the keyboard I assign the midi channels for the buttons on the LCXL to match the global midi input for pads and I can’t trigger anything. I can use the buttons to play the BB chromatically but haven’t been able to trigger any pads. Actually I could trigger one pad but not the other 15 and I don’t know why. If anyone knows what I’m missing, please help.


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        The problem was resolved. Whatever notes the LCXL mkII transmits the black box receives them an octave higher. I guess controllers all talk differently to hardware.